Today, I am free writing.

The last couple entries  have been actual chapters in what I thought might be a book someday. I think I just needed to get my creative juices flowing in and remember that I love to do this.   Ending the chapter about Pedro holding me when I was scared and shaking, after finishing the period at the end of the last sentence, I burst into tears of gratitude. How could someone love me so much that they rejoice when I succeed and hold me when I fail, and especially fail HIM? Now, that's grace. Repaying my unkind words and snide attitude with sweetness.

I missed him more than the air I breathe, after 45 days without him. And soon I will return. He makes me want to speak poetry in romance to no one at all. I will soon be embarking on a 6 day foodie and vintage shopping trip across the country.....I have my reasons.

...I have my reasons. I want to make records. I want to take another 50 mile packpacking trip. I want to eat and drink things I've only heard of.

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