I've been back from Nashville for a good month. My soul just seems to settle here. The west coast has always been in my bones. I've been slowly returning. Year after year. Lifetime after lifetime.

Pedro and I haven't been doing any new RW videos lately. Wonderful new opportunities seem to be getting in the way. Good problems. He's been touring these last few weeks. I watch him on stage and remember how it felt to see the faces. Up close. To feel responsible for spreading the proper amount of joy (and sweat) on that stage and to the crowds. It was never really much of a responsibility though. After all, "didn't we all get into this to avoid responsibility!?" -Almost Famous.  It was a different kind of responsibility. I doubt myself many many times on a daily basis. But I never once had a single doubt that I could do my job up there .  

It made me miss it. I've finally had the time to work on my own songs. My own intimate stages. Gather a deep love and a more of a rooted life. But the stage can be a drug. Are used to look at some artists on stage and wonder why they "didn't quite know when the hang up the hat"?  It's not that easy. Going to see a live show -  from the other side -  things on all kinds of memories. For me those memories include dying to be on the other side of that stage. And then I was.

Lately, I've been learning what my own "stage" looks like. I've been developing a new definition of "success". The sense of wonder I feel when I hold all the newborn babies my friends have been bringing into the world. A surprise date night complete with my Prince Charming door opening, bag carrying love of my life. Pouring out and receiving love and laughter from my village here by the ocean. Speaking of which- Something has recently jumped out of that blue and into my very surprised hands this month. More on that soon.