In my last entry I talked a little bit about how I stumbled upon putting my house in Nashville up for rent and randomly moving to a different state knowing only one person.  As I was saying, when you work for the worlds biggest popstar for 7 years, you generally "don't have anything on the books".  Like,....ever.  So I went.  Because a friend said to come.  

An old friend and fantastic clothing designer from Nashville (also down there in SD on business) found us a place to stay.  He had designed some beautiful formal gowns for a charity gala in La Jolla and asked me to model one for the event.  Duh, right?  So off I went.  The only thing missing was the hose drawn carriage.  There, I devoured piles of prime rib, champagne and pastries...with the greatest of ease and grace.  The entertainment on stage was a young fantastic little surfer-shaggy haired singer songwriter and band.  I was introduced to them all after the show. I steered clear of the adorable guitar player because I vowed never to date another musician again.  Forget it!  

I returned to my guest house and passed out.  Food coma.  I walked down to the kitchen with a make up smeared face and bobby pins stuck every which way in my knotted hair.  After making my coffee, I peeked around the corner and into the living room to see that guitar player, showering patience and loving kindness onto a 5 year old boy with a guitar.  I fell in love with him right the. And there.  That's when I knew I had also done a lot of growing up.  After that, I pretty much forced him to marry me.  There's a little bit in between, which I will expand upon next Monday.  I know it's a short one, guys.  But it's because of our current adventure, time, Gas, batteries, goals, and urgent matters.  Can't wait to tell you about those too!