Perspective is everything.  My "Positive Polly" perspective is:

I've been living in Pleasantville for the last two days.  I surf in warm Atlantic waters and gorge on local Brunswick stew and hush puppies.  I write songs and run on sandy trails when I need to clear my head.  The air is sweet and the sun is shining.  And there's a definite feeling in the air that my true love and I are on a new and exciting adventure.  There is something incredible around the corner.  I can feel it.  

Negative Nancy's perspective:  

Holy crap, what am I doing!?  We had a tiny house by the beach in La Jolla, California.  We had incredible friends and SOME music gigs here and there.  It's a place that brought me so much needed healing. It's the place where I met my husband! It's the place where I got married and started a new and beautiful life. It's a place where I finally fell in love with music again.   Now, i've worked of this harebrained idea to take a road trip and start in North Carolina.  There is just no angle to this. It's totally scattered and pointless. What kind of difference in my even making in the world?  

How will I find my new calling? How will I return to the things I loved in my music world when we end up in Nashville on a road trip?  What will our loves look like?  Why can't I know all the answers?  Aren't I supposed to?  

Anyway, i'm still figuring out this blogging thing.  And there's so much to say and there's a right and wrong way to say just about anything.  I hope you all will bear with me while I get the loosey goosey tightened up.  I had the privilege of watching up close and personal, The kind of social skills it takes to say all the right things, and convey a true message.  I'm hoping eventually those lessons will return.   

So we are in Wilmington North Carolina right now.  We are hunting for a car.  When we'll take it (not steal it.  We'll buy it first) down to my old stomping grounds.  Nashville Tennessee.  I can't wait to share that wonderful community of mine with my wonderful Brazilian guitar playing husband.  After my touring days ended, I guess you could say I had a bit of a crash.  I'd spent the last 15 years in spotlights, on cameras, in studios and stadiums and endless airports, hotels... I just heard a different life then. And as hard as I tried I handed up having a very different identity as well. I truly didn't know or remember who I was after that. I put my house in Nashville up for a vacation rental, and I just escaped. For a while. Well for about three years.  

Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars has been such a dear friend to me in those last year's. He has been out fitting me with beautiful instruments on the road with Taylor Swift in Ringo Starr and many more. His factory is in El Cajon, San Diego California.   when I called him to tell him that my touring days were pretty much over he suggested I just get out for a while. "Come down and visit the factory and meet some of these journalists who are here taking it to her! I bet a lot of them would take an interest in your story and you might just have a good break", he said.  When you work for a popstar you generally don't put anything too important on your calendar ahead of time.  And I really didn't let you know how to manage my own calendar or even my own finances for that matter at that point so I had, I guess you could say," nothing on the books".  Forever.  So I went.  

OK I think I'm finally getting somewhere. Or at least finally finding the beginning of this long story. Stay tuned.  (I know.  That was kind of rude.  But I won't leave ya hanging for long.  And I'm talking to YOU, all 3 of my readers!!).  Haha