This is the beginning.

The beginning of my legitimately documented life stories thus far.

I know we don't read or write like we used to.  I'm amazed every day about all the new ways to touch a screen and go to places I never thought we could go.  It's truly remarkable, and it can be used for such good.  But longhand writing with a pen and paper is something I've done since about age 10.  Since I could hand write in "cursive" (which I don't think they even teach in schools anymore).  

One journal entry stands out to me, "Dear diary, I have always wanted to have a diary!  I can tell all my secrets and no one will know!  I am in love with a boy in my class named Robby Williams and he doesn't even know I'm alive and it hurts my feelings excruciatingly and my heart is braking".  I drew a sad stick figure with a mop of curly hair (because the straight haired girl always dreams of curls) with tear drops running down to the bottom of the little pink lined page.

Anyway, all that to say, I'm feeling like most people don't sit down at their computer to read anymore.  Like, really "read", as you would, a book.   But this is my free-write.  Come along if you wish.  All I know is if I don't start to tip sideways and let it start pouring out of my ears, my head will explode.

Look forward to a little schizophrenic blurb every Monday and I would love to hear your comments (down below), because I will probably also explode, due to no interaction.

A lot of exploding here.  I'll tone down the violence.  ;)  And the sideways smilie. Also, if you'd like to be the first to know when the blurbs are up, just subscribe down bellow!