I throw the curtains closed.  I change my mind and decide to get one more look at the flowing water outside of my hotel room.  My life has been and will be, hotels for at least 3 more months.  I'm a pice in another big machine. I follow the given directions, based on the boss's decisions.   I travel in groups.  With good people.  No matter what happens in a very unconventional work day, I still look forward to seeing my coworkers.  Colleagues, I guess.  I had a day off today in Paris.  I worried off and on that I was late for work, and then remembered I had nowhere to be today.  And I stepped out of my hotel room.  Always self conscious about my outfit, demeanor, everything.  I always return fulfilled and comfortable in my own skin, though.  

Year after year, there are a precious few friends I am able to make time to see at very pivotal moments in both of our careers.  A dear friend whom I've watched grow from a local anomaly and trail blazer, to a high fashion photographer with an incredibly brave and unique style to all of his work.  "One of the things I love about Jack White is that he never leaves his world.  He has always stayed true to his style".  He is pretty notorious for doing the same.  The more sideways a spectator looks at him, the more he dives into his passionate and very insistent muse.  He told me all the current politics of the growing trends of the newest and classic designers.  Everything from the new plastic covered garments in the new theme of "Grandma's Sofa", to Calvin Klein returning to his vintage roots with classic tighty whiteeyes....or however you spell it.  I am his cheerleader.  I know nothing about this world.  I just love to get my popcorn, sit down and enjoy the show.  He is such a talent.  An impressoinist painter with an incredible sense of composition, texture and brave complimentary colors and fabrics.  Pink spattered tarps under a breathtaking fuchsia satin gown, lined in deep red ostrich feathers, and so on.  Your mind wraps around it all and salivates.  I love him.  

We devoured the vest chocolate dessert of our lives, with coffee and champagne and spent a precious 2 hours together.  I then took a cab to the wrong hotel, realized the driver was cash only, found out my card wouldn't work with an ATM machine, managed a 40 minute cab ride to the correct hotel and was 2 hours late to a work dinner meeting.  Well, cocktails for all.  And by all, I mean, myself.  I needed some booze fast.  An hour into laughing and indulging in some crass humor of my own, I headed back to my hotel room to reconfigure my endless packing situation.  How do you resist an original designer vintage piece at the Saturday flea market in Paris?  Still worth it.  I don't know where I'm going.  I wait for the guy who tells me where to go.  What to wear, what to play and sing.  I'm back in the cattle drive and it feels good.  All the things I said goodbye to have revisited me in such an unexpected season. There are so many things I can't divulge in at this moment, but stay tuned.  

I am so excited about all the love on my social that you guys are sending.  I love working in an industry where we as women, have a chance to support one another in our musical endeavors.  I'm so proud of my old colleague, speaking of which, Taylor Swift for yet again, her new reinvention of herself and craft.  What a creative guru and adventurous spirit.  How funny, to be in what feels like, paralell universes, yet still in our prime, doing what we do best.